Pricing and Costs of Government to Consumer Markets

Find out the costs of government to consumer business

Pricing and costs of government to consumer markets, commonly referred to as G2C markets, include two factors. One is the cost of getting connected to government markets, such as subscription services and fees. The second is the actual price of goods and services that can be purchased from the government.

Some of the goods and services available for purchase from the government by individuals or businesses include investments, collectibles and government property. To explore some of these areas and find out the pricing and costs involved with consumer to government transactions:

1. Determine G2C business costs of federal securities trading;

2. Find out the costs of government issued collectibles;

3. Save money on equipment and vehicles by finding prices of government auction items.

Purchase government securities in G2C markets

Government securities like U.S. and municipal bonds and treasury notes remain a safe and profitable investment. While some securities can be purchased for free, there are fees involved when you use the services of a broker.
U.S. Department of the Treasury allows users to purchase and redeem securities, including Series EE Savings Bonds and treasury notes, from the U.S. Department of the Treasury with no broker fees. Zions Direct allows investors to purchase bonds at institutional prices. There are some no-load funds that can be purchased without a fee, while there is a commission of just over $10 on others. The Vanguard Group trades government securities and bonds. Assisted orders range from no fee to $25 per order depending on the type of account. Standard auction orders are about $10. There is a $50 commission fee for mortgage-backed securities, municipal bonds and commercial paper. Rates are subject to change.

Purchase collectibles and documents in the government-to-consumer industry

The government is a good source of collectible items like stamps and coins for private collections or gifts. Consumers can also purchase copies of official government documents.
United States Mint. Many proof sets are less than $50, while prices for special coins and sets range from one cent to more than $400. In general, most single historical coins are a priced a little more than their actual monetary worth. Purchase copies of items like court records, census pages, immigration records and military records and draft cards from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Prices are generally $25 for a single document to $75 for a case file. 

Check out auctions in government to consumer sales

Government auctions are a popular resource in the government-to-consumer marketplace. They include auctions of seized property, such as foreclosures and criminal seizures, government surplus items and used equipment and supplies from various local and national agencies.
GSA Auctions and Government Liquidation, a division of Liquidity Services. Registration for all sites is free, although the GSA charges $1 for registering a credit card, which is refunded after the card is verified. Items for auction range from aircraft parts to scrap metal to vehicles, so pricing of items vary. To get pricing ideas, browse records of closed auctions.

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