Pricing and Costs of Marriage Records Search

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Since the Internet has become a major part of daily life, finding something like public marriage records only takes a few clicks. There are many ways to find any type of marriage record online, including foreign records, old records and more. Marriage records are used for genealogy searches and investigations and potentially for background checks. If you are performing an employment verification, check the laws in your state to determine whether it is legal to use marriage records in your employee screening processes.

Most marriage records database websites and marriage license records will cost, even if you can take a trip to city hall to find the specific record you're looking for. The pricing and costs of marriage records searches are usually determined by the type of database access you purchase, such as that through employee screening software. Here are some common ways you can get the records you need:

  1. Buy one-time access to a marriage record online.
  2. Purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to a marriage records search service.
  3. Obtain records through the websites of county clerks.

Find marriage records through state and county websites


If you are looking for marriage licenses that were signed within the United States, you may be able to get free access to the information on those licenses. Many county clerk offices will provide marriage records online for free, but charge a nominal shipping and handling charge if you request a physical copy of the license, which is usually no more than $10.

Purchase one-time access to a public marriage record


A one time access to marriage records will usually allow you to search for records without having to pay anything. But if the search turns up the records you are looking for, access to those will cost. The price of a public marriage record ranges from $15 to $75, depending on the time and effort the service puts into finding it.

Buy a membership to perform a marriage license search anytime


If you know you will regularly search for marriage records, buying a monthly or yearly membership will usually entitle you to unlimited access. Such services also may also get you access to additional public records, depending on the type of service you work with.

  • If you are looking for marriage records that are housed in a county office near you, it may cost less to go to the courthouse and have the staff perform a marriage records search.

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