Pricing and Costs of Online Colleges

Examine the pricing and costs of online colleges for your employees

Today’s busy society has taken a turn toward the convenience of online colleges. Online colleges offer all or part of the students’ degrees through Internet and email coursework. This important to many companies because employees keep their full-time jobs and complete college courses on their own time. Some businesses even make use of these colleges by paying the tuition for employees to earn a specific degree.

The pricing and costs of online colleges are cheaper than on-campus colleges when it comes to travel and living expenses. Students earn the same degrees with accredited online universities. When comparing the pricing and costs of online colleges to other educational institutions, think about the following:

1. Home technology is required for online colleges.

2. Students enrolled in online colleges must be self-motivated.

3. The number of students enrolled in online college courses is increasing.

Compare tuition costs of online colleges

Some online college classes costs are much cheaper than on-campus universities. The average per credit hour cost for college distance learning courses is $200 to $400. Some online colleges have up to a $100 technology fee along with $25 to $50 enrollment fees. The key to finding the best price with an online college is to compare resources available and the value of the online college degrees along with prices.

Consider the costs of technology for online colleges

Online colleges require students to complete work through the Internet and email. Therefore, it is essential for the student to have up-to-date technology available. While not all online colleges may require it, high speed Internet is definitely a plus for online students. Access for this Internet service costs up to $50 per month. Many courses also require work through special programs such as PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel and more. These programs may cost $200 or more if not already loaded on your computer. Unlike students attending on campus universities, those enrolled in online universities do not have a school computer lab to attend.

Save on travel and living expenses by enrolling in online colleges

Students commuting to and from on campus colleges spend much money in gas and car upkeep. Food and snacks purchased during the travel time also add up quickly. Students living on campus find themselves paying apartment or dorm costs plus food expenses. The cost of living on campus at a university is up to $4,000 per year. Those who choose to live in an apartment off campus but attend classes on campus may pay up to $6,500 per year. This does not factor in a range of $100 to $400 per month for groceries depending on eating habits. While tuition of online colleges may not be cheaper, staying at home to work and earn a degree saves a lot.

  • Remember scholarships and financial aid applies to the costs of an online accredited college just the same as on campus colleges.