Pricing and Costs of Promotional Portable Cup Holders

How much to spend on promotional portable cup holders

Promotional portable cup holders can be a very cost effective way to advertise your business. They cost very little per piece yet are something everyone has a use for. You can have hundreds, or thousands, of promotional portable cup holders printed at a time to have on hand for the next corporate event or trade show. Portable cup holders are often associated with fun in the sun so you could even use logo cup holders as part of a marketing theme that includes other fun summer promotional items.

Ask yourself the following questions when assessing the pricing and costs of promotional cup holders :

1. How many customized portable cup holders do you want to have printed?

2. Is the quality of the promotional cup holder important, or is a cupholder a cupholder?

3. Will a basic imprint on your cupholder be sufficient?

Consider the number of custom portable cup holders you want to have made

The price of cup holders decreases the more items you order. Depending on your design, can cup holders could be $0.50 to $2 each. However, most companies require a minimum order of at least 100, if not 250, items per order. The rare company that allows you to order less then 100 personalized cup holders at a time will likely charge more for each koozie due to the low order number. Think long term and decide whether you will use imprinted cup holders for different events and promotions in the future. Portable cup holders are the kind of item you can keep on hand for a long time and use them as you need them.

Decide if you want to go for quantity or quality cup holders

Portable cup holders come in a variety of styles and are made out of a variety of materials. You pay more for the better materials and sturdier cup holders. You need to decide if the quality of your business cup holders is important or if the number of cup holders is first priority. Bottle cup holders can be made out of Neoprene, which is a more expensive material than the foam can cup holders. A Neoprene bottle cup holder can be around $2 each, even when ordering in bulk. You can find bottle cup holders for less, but they don't fully cover the neck of the bottle and are made of a fabric exterior and an insulated interior.

Save money by limiting the intricacy of the design on your cup holders

Some companies charge based on the number of colors used and how many sides you print on. If you can limit the number of colors and print on one side rather then both sides of the cup holder, you can likely save yourself a lot on your cup holder order.
  • Be aware of the other costs that may be included in having promotional cup holders made. Some companies charge a set-up fee for printing jobs. It's also important to take shipping costs into account for orders placed online and at businesses in other states.

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