Pricing and Costs of Real Estate Appraisal Schools

Research the pricing and costs of real estate appraisal schools

When determining the pricing and costs of real estate appraisal schools, you must take into consideration the costs of exam preparation tools and continuing education costs. If you want an average amount for the total cost of an appraiser education, factor in the cost of a college degree, if you don't already have one. Newer requirements state that a college degree is mandatory for an appraisal license.

There are both on-campus real estate appraiser classes and online classes. The online classes tend to run slightly more than a campus course since technology is involved. However, you save on gas and other travel expenses by taking an appraisal course online. When researching the costs of property appraisal training schools, find out the following:

1. Is there tuition assistance or a tuition discount for veterans? Some schools offer either complete reimbursement or a percentage discount.

2. Does the school have a fair refund policy, including terms that give you money back if you take some, but not all, of the class?

3. What sort of payment plans are available, and is there a discount if you pay the tuition in full?

Register for appraisal license courses through schools that offer payment plans

The cost of real estate appraisal training can run around $1,200, and that may or may not include the cost of textbooks and other needed supplies. A payment plan is a lifesaver for cash strapped students who don't have that much money available upfront. A payment plan consists of paying in two installments or up to six installments. Most schools do not add extra fees for taking advantage of payment plans.

Register for online appraiser license courses that offer perks

Some online appraisal schools have perks that come with registering for classes. While these are harder to find than payment plans and veteran's discounts, they are out there.

Enhance your real estate appraisal education by ordering textbooks online

Textbooks, exam preparation materials and study materials are available online from publishers and retailers. Shopping online can sometimes land you a good deal, but on average, textbooks run between $45 and $50. Exam prep books are available from book retailers for as little as $10 for used copies.
  • Consider checking the local community college for a real estate appraisal course. The cost of the course is the same as the regular credit hour tuition, and it may cost much less than using a private appraisal school or online course.