Pricing and Costs of Real Estate Schools

Select competitively priced real estate courses to meet your professional development needs

Real estate schools offer valuable courses for both new and experienced real estate professionals. Business professionals who desire to enter the real estate field are required to take introductory real estate courses focused on general real estate concepts and licensing information. Experienced, licensed Realtors benefit from real estate classes designed to increase knowledge or offer additional certifications.

There are a variety of real estate courses available for all real estate career levels offered at a wide range of prices. Before enrolling in a real estate class, evaluate the pricing and costs of real estate schools and consider the following:

1. Invest in real estate classes from reputable real estate schools to begin your residential real estate career.

2. Shop around for competitive prices on commercial real estate training courses, which will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the commercial real estate market.

3. Enroll in competitively priced continuing education real estate training to increase knowledge, renew licensing or brush up on the latest real estate trends.

Make an investment in your career with high quality real estate classes

Real estate schooling is critical for anyone seeking a residential sales associate or broker's license. Pricing and costs of real estate schools vary depending on your geographic region, and can range from around $100 to more than $500. Pre-licensing course requirements also fluctuate, so be sure to check your state's licensing exam specifications.

Enroll in competitively priced commercial real estate classes to advance your career

Like residential real estate education and training, commercial courses in real estate vary by region and are typically more expensive than residential real estate courses. Commercial real estate training classes cost from a couple hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars, depending upon the scope, length and quality of the course.

Compare prices for continuing education real estate courses

In most states, licensed real estate sales associates must pass continuing education courses for license renewal. In additional to required courses, there are numerous continuing education real estate classes designed to help Realtors stay competitive, access the newest technologies and marketing trends or achieve advanced professional development skills. Class prices vary depending upon the course content and length of study.

  • Many real estate schools offer online real estate courses. Online real estate courses are typically less expensive than classroom-based courses, so consider online real estate courses as a cost-effective education alternative.
  • Before enrolling in real estate schools, be sure the school is recognized by your state as a legitimate educational institution. You can't acquire a real estate license if the real estate school you attend is not recognized by your state, which would be a costly mistake.