Print Ad Buying and Placement Pricing and Costs

Become market-savvy in your print advertising buying

When you're considering print ad buying and placement, pricing and costs will likely play a large part in your final decision. Print ad buying can be costly, but should be a preplanned part of your business budget. The cost of print ads varies depending on the media and amount of advertising space you buy.

In planning your print ad buying and placement, pricing and costs shouldn't be your only consideration. Think about how much business an ad will bring in. Often the advertising costs are easily offset by the number of new customers the ad attractsb to your business.

Without print ads, most companies could not stay in business. Here are some things to consider to make the most of your advertising dollars:

1. Identify your target market.

2. Check print advertisement prices to find the ones that best suit your budget and audience.

3. Try flyers and inserts for your print ad buying.

Consider where your print ad placement will be most effective

Once you've identified your target market, search out the publications that your customers will see the most. Decide whether you'll buy print ads in newspapers or magazines. If you choose magazines, keep in mind that ad placement in magazines is much more expensive than newspapers. People keep magazines longer and often reread them, so magazine ads may end up being more cost effective. If your target audience is small and local, ads in your local newspaper may be an inexpensive, but beneficial, way to advertise.

Compare print advertising costs for the best deal

Print ad prices vary greatly depending on how large or small your ad is, how often you advertise and whether your ad is in color or black and white. Many magazines offer package deals for advertisers who place their ads in more than one issue. Consider half-page, third-page or smaller ads if your budget is limited, but be sure the ad is large enough and placed where it will catch the customer's eye. The best page placement usually costs more.

Purchase flyers or inserts to reduce print ad costs

If you have a small budget for your print advertising campaign, look into printing flyers or inserts that can be inserted in daily newspapers to lower your cost of print advertising. These full-color ads are much less expensive than magazine advertisements, but can be effective, especially if you include a coupon. Customers often clip and save the coupons, which helps them remember your business name.
  • Consider print advertising agencies to help you identify your target market and prepare your print advertising campaign. Although you'll pay for their expertise, you may save money by taking advantage of their print advertising buying capabilities. Their professional knowledge can also save you many mistakes in print ad buying and placement.

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