Printing Companies

Find the best printing company for the type of printing you need

Printing companies exist for any type of printing service you might need, from companies that specialize in small items such as labels and envelopes to those printer companies that concentrate on larger items such as clothing, posters and signs.

If you need a large quantity printed, you could save money by bypassing your local print shop and doing business with a commercial printing company that specializes in your specific printing project. On the other hand, don't discount your local print shop for small printing projects.

Consider these three things when preparing to do business with a printing company:
  1. A digital printing company can save you money on set-up fees and small-run printing.
  2. Select a printing company that specializes in your needs. Your business card printer may not have the proper equipment or expertise to print your book.
  3. Get price quotes from two or three commercial printers before choosing.

Where to find a printing company

Most cities have printing companies that take care of the printing needs of local businesses. However, if you need something beyond a brochure or business cards, such as a book or catalog, you might need to look nationwide for a good deal on commercial printing.

Toss your project in the ring for bids

If you use a local printing company for most of your printing needs, it may take on a larger project and outsource it to another printer just to keep your business. You should put your larger project out for bid to several companies so you can get the best deal possible.

Use a digital printing company for the greatest of ease

You can send files electronically to a digital printing company. Other advantages of working with digital printers include the ability to make changes easier and to have shorter print runs. Costs are usually less than with a traditional commercial printing company because set-up fees are lower.

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