Profiting from a Warehouse Membership Club

Sam's Club and others can help you cut costs on business services and supplies

Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's Wholesale Club may not be the most glamorous digs, but stepping through the door of a warehouse member's-only club can help you live on Easy Street. Aside from buying office and break room supplies in bulk, you can cut costs with a variety of discounted products and services geared directly to small businesses, including:
  1. Promotional merchandise
  2. Automobile financing, discounted gasoline and roadside assistance
  3. Discounted printing services
  4. Group insurance rates for small businesses
  5. Payroll processing services
  6. Merchant credit card accounts
  7. Website services
  8. Direct mail marketing services
  9. Business phone services
  10. Small business loans and lines of credit

Enroll in a club to get your savings started

Individual memberships start at under $50, but consider enrolling in a business membership that will add value with special biz discounts and will provide cards for your entire staff.

Try before you buy

If you aren't sure if you'll save enough to make a membership worthwhile, request a trial membership.

Save on promotional merchandise

Purchasing hats, shirts and other apparel with your company logo can add up quickly. Take advantage of the custom logo apparel merchandise available at warehouse clubs to cut costs.

Auto services included

With fuel prices at extreme highs, a few cents discount can really add up, especially if you have a fleet of business vehicles. Some warehouses also offer car-buying services to assist you with purchasing or leasing a company car or building a fleet.

Printing services can save you money

Every small business has printing needs. Whether you print business checks, menus or marketing materials, you can save when you take your printing projects to warehouse clubs.

Don't pass up health and dental insurance options

To offset the skyrocketing costs of insurance, warehouse clubs are offering discounted group rates for small businesses. That's good news, since offering health and dental benefits can make your business more attractive to potential hires.

Payroll services partnerships

Membership in a warehouse club can reduce the costs of hiring an outside firm by up to 30 percent to handle this chore for you.

Credit card processing

If your business accepts credit cards as a form of payment, check into your warehouse club for possible savings on merchant credit card accounts.

Web site services

Cut costs on Web site design and hosting with your warehouse club membership. Whether you want a simple Web site that promotes your services or a full-fledged e-commerce site, your warehouse club may be able to help.