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Even in these days of the paperless office, everyone has papers in need of organizing, and paper clips remain one of the preferred methods of keeping papers together. However, paper clips create a new organization problem. Such small objects are bound to scatter across the desk unless they're contained--and that's where promotional paper clip holders come in. With promotional paper clip holders, you'll keep your name in front of your customers daily. To get the right promotional paper clip holders for your business, you need to first understand key terms associated with these helpful promo items.

Custom imprinted paper clip holder

A custom imprinted paper clip holder is one that has your logo, or other image or text of your choice, printed directly on the holder itself. This type of imprint is long lasting and adds a professional touch to your promotional paper clip holder.

Paper clip holder with imprinted label

A less expensive form of custom imprinting for paper clip holders is an imprinted label affixed to the holder. With this form of imprinting, the design options for your paper clip holder are more limited, yet you may have more options for the custom image.

One or two color imprint

When you're looking at options for promotional paper clip holders, one option to examine is the number of ink colors the company can provide. These will be listed as "one color imprint," "two color imprint," and so on.

Magnetic paper clip holder or dispenser

A magnetic paper clip holder or dispenser holds the paper clips through magnetism, either with a magnetized ring around the opening of the holder or with a magnetized surface on which you place the paper clips for easy access.

Translucent paper clip dispenser

A translucent paper clip dispenser offers a clear window through which the user can see the paper clips. The imprint on many translucent paper clip dispensers is on the opaque lid, making your logo easy to see.

Designer or themed paper clip sets

Designer paper clip sets, sometimes known as themed paper clip sets, offer both a paper clip dispenser with a custom imprint and paper clips that match the theme of your business.

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