Promotional Portable Cup Holders Key Terms

Know the key terms for promotional cup holders before you plan your next promotional event

Portable cup holders are insulated holders for beverages, including soft drinks, water and beer. What is especially nice about portable cup holders is that they are customizable, which makes them ideal to use as promotional items for business owners who want to have giveaway items for trade shows, in-store promotions and other business-related events. Knowing promotional cup holders key terms is essential to deciding which ones would be best for your promotional event. Since there are many styles of cup holders, take the time to learn about each one to ensure that your next promotional event is a success.

Beer bottle portable cup holders

Beer bottle cup holders fit on all sizes of beer bottles while keeping contents cold. Customize these with logos to use as promotional products for giveaways at events or trade shows. Water bottles will also fit in beer bottle cup holders.

Can portable cup holders

Can cup holders fit snugly on beer and soda cans to keep contents cold. Holding cold cans is comfortable with cup holders since hands stay warm and dry. Customize can cup holders with the names of sport teams, company logos or designs for promotional events.

Collapsible cup holders

Collapsible cup holders are great for people on the go. Users fold them to store in pockets, handbags or briefcases. This type of cup holder is a great promotional product and is ideal for those who work on the road.

Foldable zipper cup holders

Foldable cup holders keep bottles of beer, water or other drinks just as cold and refreshing as other cup holder styles, with the added convenience of having zippers to make removing and replacing bottles easier than ever. This type of cup holder also folds for easy storage and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to use as promotional items.

Double cup holders

Double cup holders hold two bottles at a time. They are made of foam or polyester fabric and hold everything from baby bottles and juice boxes, to beer and wine bottles. Employers can uses these as giveaway items at company picnics or as promotional items for business events.

Cup holder coolers

Cup holder coolers are made of the same material as cup holder cups and bottle holders, but they hold a six-pack of beer or soda. Like other cup holders, these can be customized with company emblems or used as promotional items at trade shows and industry events.

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