Promotional Sports Bags Key Terms

Know the right promotional sports bags key terms

Take advantage of the unique qualities of a promotional sports bag as a marketing tool, if it is a fit for your business. A good quality promotional sports bag with your business name and logo emblazoned on it can work as a traveling billboard for years to come. Use the basic promotional sports bags key terms to help determine what best suits your business marketing and advertising plan.

Duffel sports bag

A sports duffel bag is a oblong-shaped bag made of soft material so it is collapsible and easy to store. It has two short straps to be carried by hand or over the shoulder.


A backpack is a bag usually made from canvas or nylon that has a round top and flat bottom. It straps to the back with two shoulder straps.

Rolling sports bag

A rolling sports bag is a bag made of soft material, in various shapes and sizes, that features a handle at one end of the bag that may extend, and two wheels at the other to make transporting sports equipment easy.

Drawstring sports bag

A drawstring sports bag is an inexpensive cylindrical-shaped bag made of soft material that is held and carried upright over the shoulder by one strap, and closes at one end with a drawstring.


Embroidery is the design of an image made with decorative threads sewn into fabric, and is the most aesthetically-pleasing, highest quality and longest-lasting way of putting a business name or logo on a sports bag.

Screen print

Screen printing, also known as silk printing or silk screen printing, is a printing technique that uses a screen, usually made of mesh, to hold a stencil in place. Ink is pushed by a roller or squeegee to make an image and is an inexpensive way to print a business name or logo on a sports bag.

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