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Promotional stuffed animals are usually the promotion of choice for child-related businesses and organizations, but people of all ages love stuffed animals. Have you ever considered making your two dimensional drawing of a mascot into a three dimensional custom-made stuffed toy? Bean bag stuffed animals can be a smaller, more cost-effective choice. If you already have stuffed animals for your promotion but need to add a custom message or logo, you might consider adding custom tags.


The most important part of the promotional stuffed animal is your logo. Consider your options for displaying your logo on the toy. You can print it on clothing that the stuffed animal wears. In some cases, you can custom print or embroider your logo directly on the toy.

Custom printed

Companies custom print items with a personalized message or logo, like promotional stuffed animals. Some companies include a standard, one color printing in the price of their promotional stuffed animal, but make sure you know what the company includes and whether any set-up or other fees apply.

Custom clothing

Promotional stuffed animals may have custom clothing. The most common custom clothing for stuffed animals is a T-shirt, but other possibilities include hats, jackets, vests, scarves and neckties.

Custom stuffed animal

With custom stuffed animals, you design the entire toy. You can make your company mascot or even create a toy that looks like a person. The possibilities are endless. Minimum orders apply, and you'll get a better price per stuffed animal the more you order.

Bean bag animals

Bean bag animals are great for promotions. They are fun, small, and relatively inexpensive. Logo placement varies, but most companies custom print the logo on the toy's clothing.

Custom tags

Perhaps you have a supply of stuffed animals for your promotion, or your stuffed animals are too small for printing. You can easily add custom tags with your logo or message to your promotional stuffed animal. Tags may be cloth or paper and should be large enough to read.

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