Property Assessors Offices - Kentucky Laws and Regulations

Learn about the laws and regulations governing KY property assessment agencies

Kentucky property assessors offices laws and regulations deal with property taxes that are based on the estimated value of real property. The fair market value is the most common standard of value used in Kentucky, although there are other standards, such as the foreclosure value or distressed sale value. A property tax exemption is applied by reducing a property's assessed value by a specified amount before calculating the property tax.

There are a variety of information sources regarding the laws on Kentucky property records. These sources include the three following categories:
  1. The Kentucky state government. These sources offer official information, including state laws that deal with property assessors in Kentucky.
  2. County and municipal governments in Kentucky. These sources provide the rules and procedures for a specific property assessors office in Kentucky.
  3. Kentucky law firms that include property law as one of their areas of practice. These firms may provide information on specific issues of property tax laws in Kentucky.

Examine the laws that control property assessment in KY

The state government of Kentucky will have specific laws for property tax assessors. Private organizations also provide summaries and general information on property tax assessor laws in Kentucky.

Study the procedures for conducting KY property records in a particular jurisdiction

Local governments have specific procedures for property assessments and also may offer a Kentucky property tax search. A complete list of Kentucky property tax records may also be available.

Review laws on property assessment in Kentucky from law firms in Kentucky

Kentucky lawyers who specialize in property law frequently offer summaries on the property taxes that are assessed in Kentucky. They also may write articles on specific issues regarding property taxes in Kentucky.

  • Many laws on Kentucky property assessment are the result of the Financial Institutions Reform and Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA). The savings and loan crisis of the late 80s resulted in the passage of the FIRREA in 1989, which required the adoption of property appraisal standards in the United States.