Property Assessors Offices - Michigan Education and Training

Get the training to become a Michigan assessor

Employees who undergo property assessors offices in Michigan education and training must be able to determine the fair market value of real estate and personal property. Property assessors who work for the government may also assess property taxes by appraising the property and using prescribed tax schedules.

The qualifications necessary to work in Michigan assessors offices primarily depend on the value of the property and manner in which the transaction will be financed. These requirements can be grouped into three general categories:

1. Education. Property assessors in Michigan usually hold at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in economics, finance or real estate. A property assessor will also need to complete additional coursework that is specific to property appraisal. This specialized education is usually taken from a community college or professional organization for appraisers.

2. Experience. Property appraisers will also need to acquire on the job training under the supervision of a qualified professional appraiser.

3. Licenses and certifications. Appraisers who perform property appraisals are required by federal law to have a license if the transaction will involve a federal loan of $250,000 or more.

Complete the courses needed to assess Michigan property records

There are a variety of on-site universities and distance learning classes that teach students to assess Michigan property values. These institutions should update their curriculum frequently to reflect changes in the state's educational requirements for property appraisers.

Get on-the-job training for Michigan property assessment

Job training for property appraisers in Michigan has specific requirements, as laid out by the Michigan Real Estate Appraisers Board. These requirements stipulate the length of time the training must take, the way in which the mentor must monitor the process, and the type of experience the trainee must acquire.
Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth provides the specific experience requirements for appraisers in Michigan. Career Web School provides a summary of the work experience required for each type of Michigan appraiser.

Become a licensed Michigan property assessor

Michigan recognizes four categories of appraisers. A limited appraiser must have their work signed by a licensed appraiser. A state licensed appraiser may perform appraisals for federally funded residences worth less than $1,000,000 and all non-federally funded properties. A certified residential appraiser may work on federally funded property. A certified residential appraiser can perform appraisals on residential property and commercial properties worth less than $250,000. A certified general appraiser can perform appraisals on all types of property.
Michigan Association of Realtors summarizes the licensing requirements for appraisers in Michigan. provides a quick reference for the steps required to get an appraiser's license in Michigan.
  • Michigan property assessors may choose to become a member of a national or regional assessor association. Full membership in a professional organization usually requires significantly more education and experience than the minimum licensing requirements of the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB). Many of these associations also offer a membership category specifically for trainees.