Property Assessors Offices - New Hampshire Laws and Regulations

Learn about the laws and regulations governing property assessors offices in New Hampshire

New Hampshire property assessors offices laws and regulations deal with the property taxes that derive from the estimated value of real property. Property assessors in the United States routinely assess property according to the fair market standard, although there are other standards, such as the distressed value and the foreclosure value. All federally regulated institutions must perform property appraisals with a licensed appraiser and New Hampshire generally requires licensed appraisers for all appraisals. New Hampshire property laws also specify the conditions under which a property owner may qualify for a homestead exemption or other property tax exemption.

You can find New Hampshire property assessor laws in a variety of locations. These sources may be classified according to the types of laws they cover and include the three following categories:
  1. The New Hampshire state government. These sources provide laws and other information on New Hampshire property assessments that apply to the entire state.
  2. County and municipal governments in New Hampshire. Each jurisdiction has its own procedures for implementing laws on property assessments.
  3. Law firms that practice property law. Law firms in New Hampshire frequently offer information for resolving disputes on property taxes.

Examine the laws that control property values in New Hampshire

The state government of New Hampshire will have specific laws for property tax assessors. Private organizations also provide summaries and general information on property tax assessor laws in New Hampshire.
New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has links to specific New Hampshire laws that deal with property assessment. The New Hampshire Local Government Center provides a legal analysis of property taxes on non-profit organizations and cites the relevant laws in New Hampshire.

Study the procedures for assessing New Hampshire land values in a particular jurisdiction

Local governments have specific procedures for property assessments and also may offer a New Hampshire property tax search. A complete list of New Hampshire property tax records may also be available.
City of Claremont Tax Assessor provides a summary of the statutes that relate to property assessment in New Hampshire. The Town of Derry Assessor provides the applicable statute for each type of property tax exemption that is available in Derry.

Review laws on property assessors in New Hampshire from law firms

New Hampshire lawyers who specialize in property law frequently offer summaries on property assessments and property taxes in New Hampshire. They also may write articles on specific issues regarding property taxes in New Hampshire.

  • The quality of New Hampshire property assessment is controlled by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). It was developed in the 1980s in response to the savings and loan crisis that was occurring in the United States at that time. The Appraiser Foundation (TAF) is the current administrator of the USPAP.