Property Assessors Offices - New York Education and Training

Obtain training for employment in property assessors offices in New York

New York property assessors, or appraisers, are licensed experts who assess the fair market value of real property in order to determine the local property taxes the owners pay each year based upon the applicable formula for the state of New York and county of residence. Typically an individual assessor specializes in assessing the value of either residential or commercial property. Those working in the state assessors offices evaluate properties based upon other buildings in that area and keep relevant public records.

While on-the-job training is usually available, state and federal regulations are in place for someone to become a New York property assessor. There are a number of other ways to obtain the necessary property assessors offices –- New York education and training. Some of these education strategies include:

1. Pass the required examinations to obtain licensing for property assessors in New York.

2. Property assessors offices – New York require a bachelor’s degree to apply for certification.

3. Study publications on New York property assessments.

Acquire the necessary licensing and certification to perform property assessment in New York

In order to become a New York property assessor, you must obtain a real estate appraiser's license. It is a requirement for all states that their licensing and certification requirements for assessors and appraisers conform to those requirements established by the Appraisal Qualifications Board. Typically, the requirements to obtain an assessors license include specific training classes, on-the-job training time and the passing of specified exams.

Obtain a bachelor's degree before applying for New York property assessment job openings

While there is no degree specific to property appraisals or assessments, as of 2008 the federal government requires all individuals applying for an appraiser or assessor license to have a bachelor's degree (or the equivalent of such in credit hours). Typically, a related field of study such as economics, finance or real estate is an appropriate major.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for training and qualification requirements for most assessors and appraisers. The Zicklin School of Business has an entire department devoted to real estate degrees at its Buruch College CUNY campus. Ellis College of the New York Institute of Technology offers a degree program for Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.

Find articles and manuals relevant to current New York property values

The New York property assessors office that you work for may provide you with a manual for your position. However, it would be beneficial to obtain additional manuals and articles from state and federal organizations that can increase your ability to perform your job successfully. Typically, these publications will apply current market trends and property tax formulas to the basics, giving you the ability to produce more accurate assessment results. Articles written for the public will give you a better idea of how to serve the clients of your New York property assessors office.