Proxy Servers Basics

Use proxy servers for security and anonymity

Proxy servers basics means finding out how proxy servers can help and protect your business. Every day hackers steal information and commit identity theft. Proxy servers help protect your business with built in firewalls and anonymous IP address.

Use these servers to log every connection your users make while on the Internet. Assign passwords to authorized users and feel safe that no one can access your computer without proper credentials. Consider the following about proxy servers basics:

1. Choose the type of proxy server software that is the best fit for your business.

2. Add security to your proxy software with online authentication for every user on your network.

3. Learn how to configure your browser to work with your proxie servers.

Select the best type of web based proxy from the available choices

Use transparent, anonymous, distorting or high anonymity proxy servers according to your business needs. Transparent proxy servers disclose your IP address for anyone that wants to know it, whereas anonymous does not. In either case, you do not directly connect to the Internet but rather you connect to the proxy, who connects to the site for you.

Find added security from behind an anonymous proxy server

Protect your data, your IP address and who accesses your network with the settings in your proxy server. Set it up to log all connections made by users when they connect to the server.

Configure your browser settings to work with your new business proxy server

Once you decide to use a proxy, you have to change the settings in your browser to configure with the proxy server. This is a simple but important step to connect through the proxy server.
  • Take care when using proxy sites as some of the sites may not be reputable. Make sure you are dealing with a reliable company that will protect your sensitive data.

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