Rat Traps Pricing and Costs

Figure out how much to budget for rat traps

If you have a rat control problem at your business, you may want to purchase high-quality rat traps to help you solve the problem fast. Homemade rat traps may do the job, but if you want to be sure it is done right, you should go with professional rat traps that have a proven history of exterminating rats.

Rat traps pricing and costs depend on what type of commercial rat traps you decide to purchase. So before you buy rat traps, decide if you prefer:

1. A rat trap that will kill the rat,

2. Humane rat traps that will trap the rat alive so it can be released later, or

3. A rat trap that traps the rat with glue.

Get a cost estimate for snap rat traps

Snap rat traps activate when the rat moves across a trigger. These rat exterminators quickly snap closed on the rat in one powerful motion, which makes it virtually impossible for the rat to escape. Snap traps require bait and can also be used to capture mice.

Estimate prices for live rat traps

Live rat traps consist of a small cage or box with a door that automatically shuts when a rat passes through. You place the bait inside the trap in order to entice a rat to enter. The rat is not killed when the trap activates, and the rat can be released.

Save money with glue rat traps

Glue traps, also called glue boards, are the least expensive type of rat trap. When the rat walks across the sticky paper, its feet become stuck and it is trapped. You can also purchase tunnel-shaped covers for glue traps for an additional $2 to $3 each, which protect the glue sheets from dust and debris and keep captured rats out of sight.
  • Don't forget to include the cost of bait in your rat control budget estimate. Packaged professional quality rat bait (typically a blend of nuts and oils) is available for around $10.