Real Estate Appraisal News and Trends

Keep up with real estate appraisal news to stay on top of trends

Real estate appraisal information continually undergoes changes that you must keep up with to compete. As the landscape surrounding property appraisals continues to evolve and new regulatory rules are put in force regularly, you have to keep up with the most current information to be able to make the best business decisions.

Follow trends affecting the industry, such as market fluctuations and new real estate appraisal software. Read property appraisal publications that keep you updated with news and information about which companies are giving free home appraisal services as well as other marketing strategies that are being implemented within the industry. Keep a well-rounded flow of information coming in by looking for real estate appraisal news and trends in a variety of places.

1. Get daily email alerts that provide pertinent property appraisal info.

2. Subscribe to resources that cover real estate appraisal methods so you can employ the most current solutions.

3. Join associations for real estate appraisal firms that publish surveys and reports on important industry issues.

Watch for breaking news that affects independent appraiser providers

Get email alerts, RSS feeds and industry newsletters that will send you news as it happens, the latest trend pieces and information about what the market comparison surveys are saying. Look for information about foreclosures and funding sources that will affect your clientele and eventually your own business.

Read about the latest real estate appraisal solutions

Find websites that provide reports on market conditions and sites that offer appraisers an opportunity to discuss the current issues and how they can adjust. Look for the best information that can help drive your own business decisions with investigative reporting and research articles that take a deeper look into industry issues.

Participate in appraising real estate groups by subscribing to the organizations' publications

Other professionals in the field know the kinds of issues that are most important to your business, such as Fannie Mae rules, new requirements to get appraisal certifications and legislative issues before Congress. They can provide you with an inside track to news through newsletters, surveys and other information vehicles.

  • Subscribe to a Realtor information provider in your area to keep up with local news that will affect your real estate appraisal business.