Guides & Articles on Prefab Buildings

Barn Construction Basics

Know barn construction basics before designing your barn

Knowledge of barn construction basics are a must for any farmer. Barns are a common sight on most farms and serve multiple purposes. Barns house livestock, protect equipment from weather damage and store feed products and supplies. Some barns serve working purposes. Farmers use them for milking cattle, poultry farming, and horse-breaking.There are several factors to consider when...

Modular Offices

Installing a modular office building is an affordable method of expanding your business

Employ modular offices to provide office space on temporary job sites, quickly expand a growing business and offer a cost effective way to provide classrooms, office space or storage. Small modular buildings fit a variety of uses and make economic sense. Cost savings from prefabricated offices are due to the construction method, which allows for an assembly line style of...

Pre-fab Storage Buildings

Find prefab storage building custom designers, installers and do-it-yourself kits

Pre-fab storage buildings are a convenient, safe and cost-effective way of storing business items, and are also great to use as office space. Depending on the size of the unit you need, you may or may not want to install it yourself. Installation of prefab storage units is a lot of work, but may be worth the savings when the unit is small.Pre-fab storage buildings come in almost...

Prefabricated Buildings

Modular office buildings are environmentally friendly, mobile and super affordable

Pricing and Costs of Accounting Software

Find the best business accounting software at the best price

Pricing and costs of accounting software vary from program to program, according to the features included with the program. If your business is small or just starting, you may be able to use one of the free programs, however make sure it will grow with your company or prepare to switch your records when your business outgrows the program.Use sophisticated software programs if your...

Pricing and Costs of Barn Construction

Get tips on pricing and costs of barn construction for creating your building budget

The pricing and costs of barn construction varies greatly depending on the type of structure you desire. Some expensive barns are very elaborate with amenities specially created by designers of barns. Others are cheaper and simple for basic functioning. Some companies offer complete barn kits. The budget that you set for your barn determines the type of building that you can...

Pricing and Costs of Prefabricated Buildings

Get the right prefab building at the right price

Today's commercial prefabricated structures are economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional construction, prefabricated buildings cost less because a factory does up to 90% of the building before it ever reaches your site. Time is money, so getting your building up and running quickly is of utmost importance. Pricing and costs of...

Pricing and Costs of Quonset Huts

Budget for both the up-front and the hidden costs of a quonset hut

There are many factors to take into account when you're budgeting for the pricing and costs of quonset huts. It's a balancing act that requires you to be willing to pay more for quality steel upfront, and then able to pay the more hidden costs of outfitting and maintaining a quonset metal building.Quonset huts are a great option for permanent add-on space. Quonset...