Recruiting Services for Financial Services Key Terms

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Using recruiting services to fill open positions in your financial services firm can help you continue to focus on day-to-day business tasks and objectives. When seeking assistance from recruiting services for the financial services industry, you should consider the recruiter’s permanent and flexible staffing services, methods used by the recruiter to find talented employees who are a right fit with your company, and whether the recruiter can provide you with information about relocating prospective employees. Consider the following recruiting services for financial services key terms to get a better handle on the hiring process.


Candidates are the individuals presented to employers as possible matches for specific positions. Prior to sharing a candidate's qualifications with a prospective employer, recruiters screen applicants by assessing their backgrounds and experience in relation to the requirements of a position.


Headhunter is a term used interchangeably with recruiter. Like a recruiter, a financial services headhunter helps employers find qualified candidates to fill available positions.

Contract staffing

Contract staffing allows employers to fill positions to manage specific, temporary projects. This could involve seasonal spikes, tasks associated with a merger/acquisition, or another temporary project that has brought in more work than the current staff can handle.

Executive profiling

Executive profiling is a method used by recruiters to assess a prospective candidate's qualifications and determine whether the candidate is a good match for a position. Executive job searches typically involve senior management positions, such as vice president, corporate-level and board member positions.

Relocation services

Recruiters offer relocation services to help employers determine if it is beneficial to their company to find employees who are not local. Relocation services typically include analysis on cost of living across various cities, mortgage services and moving company rates. Evaluating these items can help an employer offer a more attractive compensation/benefits package to prospective employees.

Acquisition process facilitation

Recruiters often serve as the intermediary between candidates and employers. Acquisition process facilitation is a service provided by many financial services recruiters that involves addressing candidate concerns, scheduling interviews and other logistical tasks involved in the candidate screening and placement process.

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