Refrigerated Trucking News and Trends

Keep up with the leaders in the refrigerated shipping industry

Whether you hire a trucking company, get reefer trucks for rent or own a refrigerated trucking company or business that contracts with reefer trucks, staying informed is the key to keeping your customers satisfied. Find out the latest refrigerated trucking news and trends through industry leading publications, associations and sales catalogs.

Refrigerated shipping is no different from any other industry. Changes happen on a daily basis, and if you don't keep up with them, you'll be left behind. To get your products shipped quickly and safely, you should:

1. Keep up with the latest refrigerated transport trends to save money.

2. Stay informed about refrigerated transportation regulations.

3. Find equipment upgrade information with industry guides.

Use refrigerated trucking news and trends to improve refrigerated hauling

Find out about the latest options, news and trends when it comes to refrigerated trucking, reefer trucks for rent and more. Go green with cold trucking green options that save the earth and save you money at the same time. Look for the latest trends in cost-effective shipping, and find out how your competitors are shipping their products.

Keep track of refrigerated freight regulations

When you hire a third party to deliver your perishable items, they are responsible for following all shipping regulations, but you are ultimately the one responsible for making sure your product is consumer ready. Keep up with the latest in regulations and information that can affect how you ship your items.

Weigh your refrigerated trucks options

Want to know what type of refrigerated truck suits your needs best? Use industry magazines, sales catalogs and equipment sales venues to keep up on the latest hauling options. Don't rely on a company to provide you with their newest and greatest trucks without doing your own research. Make sure they know you're informed, and they'll be sure to haul your product in their latest and greatest trailers.
  • Use the classified sections of refrigeration and food magazines to scan for prices of used refrigerator trucks before choosing to purchase a new unit. You may find a better used deal.

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