Refurbished Copiers

Cut equipment costs with used copy machines and reconditioned copiers

One of the best ways to save money on costly copy machines is to purchase used copiers or refurbished copiers. Not only will you save money by purchasing gently used copy machines, you'll reduce your company's carbon footprint by rescuing used copiers from their demise. Before you run out and save the environment, there are a few things you should consider in order to get a refurbished copier that will work for you.

1. Make sure any refurbished copier has the output capacity, features and digital capabilities you need.
2. Don't settle for used copy machines that don't come with a warranty.
3. You can save even more money with your used copier by purchasing refurbished toner cartridges.

Certified Pre-Owned Copiers
The next best thing after buying a brand new copier is purchasing certified pre-owned copiers. These used copy machines haven't just been cleaned cosmetically, they've had any worn parts replaced and have passed stringent testing. 

Extended Warranties and Service Plans on Used Copiers
Buying used copy machines doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice service, support or parts warranties. Insist on the extras for peace of mind. 

All-in-One Refurbished Copiers
All-in-one or multi-purpose machines that include a copier, scanner, printer and fax machine are ideal for many small businesses thanks to their flexibility. With an all-in-one refurbished copier, you can increase your savings by purchasing one single piece of equipment rather than four separate items. 

Specialty Reconditioned Copiers
Engineering and architectural firms can benefit from refurbished copiers and engineering plotters. 
  • When buying used copiers, shop around for late model copiers that save energy and are environmentally friendly.
  • Much like used cars, used copiers have counters that track total usage. Dealers should be able to tell you the copy count on each machine that you are considering.
  • Don't mistake reconditioned copiers for out-of-date machines. If you need color, duplexing, collating or fully digital copiers, you can find late model copiers that have been refurbished.

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