Refurbished Copiers Basics

Help your office function more efficiently by implementing some refurbished copiers basics

If your company is shopping for a copier, knowing refurbished copiers basics helps you think "green" and save money. Refurbished copiers are fully tested and restored to work like new. Buying a refurbished copier ensures that a copier does not end up in a landfill, reducing waste. Refurbished copiers cost up to 85% less than new copiers saving your company money.

When in the market for a refurbished copier, choose from a high volume, mid volume or work group copier. High volume copiers are large machines that copy quickly. These copiers are made specifically to handle demanding work loads. Mid volume copiers are smaller in size than high volume machines and print slightly slower. Work group and desktop copiers are the smallest and copy the least amount of pages per minute. Review your company's copying needs and select a refurbished copier that helps your office increase its efficiency.

1. Locate high volume refurbished copiers for fast printing.

2. Buy mid volume used copy machines if your company has outgrown a work group copier.

3. Find work group and desktop refurbished copiers for small offices.

Locate Used Copy Machine Providers that Supply High Volume Copiers
High-volume refurbished or used business copiers produce 56 or more copied pages per minute. These copiers are designed for large companies that require large volumes of copies in a short amount of time. Both refurbished color copiers and refurbished black and white copiers are available in high volume models. 

Purchase Used Copy Machines that Out-Copy Smaller Desktop Versions
Mid-volume copiers are designed for businesses that need to produce more copies than a desktop or work-group copier, but that do not require the speed of a high volume copier. Mid volume copiers output 36 to 55 pages per minute. 

Find Work-Group or Desktop Refurbished Copy Machines
Work-group copiers are the smallest copiers on the market. A desktop copier produces less than 20 pages per minute. A work-group copier outputs 20 to 35 pages per minute. These copiers are perfect for small and new businesses. 
  • Some copiers that have been refurbished come with a warranty, however some do not. Review the warranty page thoroughly before choosing a used copier. 

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