Refurbished Copiers Key Terms

Understand refurbished copiers key terms to save on rebuilt units

Certain refurbished copiers key terms can help you choose the right money-saving copier for your business. The high price of brand-new copiers for the office steers many people in the direction of refurbished copiers. Also referred to as reconditioned or gently used, these copiers can cost 75% to 90% less than their new counterparts. Here are some valuable terms to keep in mind when you're in the market for a refurbished copier.


Refurbishing Process
Before buying a used and refurbished copier, it's important to ask the dealer about the refurbishing process. Ideally, used copiers should be thoroughly cleaned, all worn parts should be replaced, and the entire copier should be inspected and evaluated for potential problems or performance issues. 

All office-grade copiers have built-in meters, or counters, that keep track of total lifetime usage. It's important to ask about the meter reading on the copier you're considering. 

Maintenance agreement
You may decide to purchase a maintenance or service agreement with your refurbished copier, just be sure that the agreement covers the parts most likely to wear out or break, such as the belts and drum. The up-front cost of the agreement can be worth it in the long run. 

Warranties on used copiers range from no warranty (when sold "as is") to full two-year coverage. Although the price of a refurbished copier might be more attractive with little or no warranty, there's a good chance you'll pay more in the long run without adequate coverage. 

Industry statistics show that overuse is the most common reason why office copiers break down and require service calls. You can reduce repair needs while keeping downtime at a minimum by ensuring your refurbished copier is designed to handle your office's monthly copy volume. 

The majority of both used and new copiers on the market today are digital. Although some dealers still offer refurbished analog machines at low prices, buyer beware. The money you save today may not be worth the frustration of trying to find service and parts for such machines in the future. 

Save even more money while further demonstrating your commitment to "going green" by purchasing refurbished toner cartridges, as well.


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