Remote Access Software Key Terms

Identify and define remote access software key terms to improve technology efficiency

Remote access software allows a person to work on or control computers via an Internet connection. This software makes the technology department of any business much more efficient. However, there can be security issues with the software because of the access it provides. In choosing the right vendor from which to purchase the software, you'll need to make certain that you understand key terms to make the correct decision for your company.


A firewall is the primary technological method to keep computers and their networks safe from intruders. When using remote access software, you'll need to alter the firewall settings so that the platform will operate correctly.

Virtual private network (VPN)

A virtual private network is the means by which remote access software gains access to computers outside the Local Area Network. If the remote access software doesn't have a VPN feature, it won't allow you access to any of the network computers.

Secure socket layers

Secure socket layers refers to the feature in most remote access software that helps keep the information you transfer secure. Understand that this feature isn't foolproof and you'll need to be sure the remote access software provides other security measures like a VPN and jump technology security.

Jump technology security

Jump technology security provides an additional layer of security for remote access software. Jump technology also allows for greater audit controls and administration capabilities.

Data compression

Data compression is the technology that enables remote access software to operate efficiently. As the name suggests, it compresses the data you're transferring to allow the information to flow in an effective manner.

Network administrator

The person most likely responsible for the installation and management of the remote access software is the network administrator. The network administrator manages the security and efficiency of your business network.

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