Resignation Laws and Regulations

Avoid costly lawsuits when you understand resignation laws and regulations

Employers and employees alike should familiarize themselves with resignation laws and regulations. Employees should know that some jurisdictions allow them to receive state benefits even if they resign from their jobs. Employers should know that they are not always legally required to accept when an employee decides to withdraw his resignation.

Resignation has not only been the subject of federal and state laws. It is also regulated by certain unwritten laws that human resource professionals regard as well accepted standards. These standards include how much advance notice to give your employer, whether to first advise him verbally of your resignation plans and whether to offer assistance in finding an acceptable replacement. Key points to keep in mind as you search for resignation laws and regulations are:

1. Become informed of resignation from work standards that human resource professionals adhere to.

2. Get resignation information from employment lawyers so you can avoid being sued by your employer.

3. Access federal laws on work resignation.

4. Read court opinions and legal websites to understand state laws on job resignation.

Find out what HR professionals consider to be sound resignation from work standards

This practical HR advice reveals the standards for making the resignation decision, delivering the message and even writing the letter of resignation that HR managers themselves follow.

Learn resignation laws and regulations from practicing employment attorneys

HR professionals will want to know whether employees can legally back out of a resignation they may have given in haste. They may also wonder about the legality of mass resignations by a group of employees who believe the company has violated certain provisions of their employment contracts.

Understand federal laws regulation job resignation

Federal laws differ from state laws when it comes to work resignation. Federal employers should pay special attention to laws relating to a federal employee's resignation from a public employee union.

Get details on state laws relating to work resignation

As you research work resignation laws on the state level, pay special attention to how job resignation information might impact upon state employee benefits.

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