Restaurant Wall Decor Key Terms

These essential terms will help you decorate your restaurant walls with taste

With endless options to decorate restaurant walls, you should dig through all the jargon to determine what would look best at your location. You should take into consideration the type of restaurant you plan to run, what type of clientele you are catering to and what you can afford. Although most people focus mainly on the third option, if you know some key terms in the restaurant decor industry, you can be well on your way to adhering to all three.


Wall sconces are typically mounted on a wall near seating areas and create a soft, ambient light. They can may provide subtle background lighting. Sconces can be stationery or rotate around, depending upon their use.

Wall murals

Wall murals are a detail that certain restaurant owners select to adorn their walls. These can be made to your specifications, making the decor unique. You can choose to have the mural reach from the floor to ceiling or be large enough to be appealing to the eye.

Ceiling medallions

Ceiling medallions resemble a large medal, in an oval or circular design. These decorative features provide a dramatic visual when placed around a ceiling fixture.

Track lighting

Track lighting is a way to provide light through a continuous horizontal track device. Typically mounted on the ceiling, track lighting differs from individual lighting, in that there's one cord that connects through the track. Track lighting is ideal to highlight pieces of artwork or pictures hanging on your restaurant walls.

Drywall hooks

Drywall hooks allow you to hang items on the wall without damaging the drywall. If you have numerous pictures, artwork or kitschy memorabilia to hang, then that could account for numerous nail holes. If you invest in some alternative drywall hooks, then you alleviate the unnecessary large holes.

Art prints

Art prints can create a unique look, and they can be a cost-effective method of decoration. Utilize local artists and purchase some of their artwork to hang on your walls. Some artists might even provide the framing, saving you another cost. Or, if you choose to go through a retail store, then look for outlets where you can cut costs if you order in bulk.

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