Revolving Countertop Display

A revolving countertop display helps your product move

Customers want to see your product in 3-D view, and unless you're using revolving countertop displays--also known as turntable displays--you are not offering your customers this advantage. With a turntable display, you can showcase your products from every angle, and the movement often draws customers’ eyes, as well. Whether you are presenting your product at a trade show, special event or in a store, turning displays help you sell.

Countertop turntable displays are compatible with virtually everything on the market today and the right model can fit into any retail space. There are small self-propelling displays retailers can place near cash registers, and large displays that can be dismounted for transport to trade shows. You can even design your own custom countertop displays. When shopping for countertop displays, consider:

1. The location of your display--smaller countertop displays are often best for retail stores.

2. The purpose of your display--showcase items are often best displayed atop a revolving countertop display.

3. The accessories you need to customize your revolving countertop display.

Choose commercial revolving counter top display options for light use

You may need revolving counter top displays to showcase small items in your store or to feature your products at trade shows and other industry events. In either case, commercial turntable displays -- often with no motor -- are ideal.

Opt for motorized revolving countertop displays for trade shows and high ticket items

If you will be showcasing a product in your store or at a trade show, you may need a turntable with a motor. These displays are designed to automatically spin and turn, slowly revealing your product's qualities to the customer. Most displays allow you to adjust speed and some even allow you to light up your merchandise.

Add to your revolving countertop display with mounts and accessories

Once you have purchased or rented a revolving counter top display, you may find that you need more horsepower for your display or you need accessories to make your display truly your own. Retailers who sell accessories for turntable displays are the answer. You can purchase mounts to create your own turntable display out of any stationary product display, or you can upgrade an existing display with a better mount or a better motor.
  • When considering revolving countertop displays, always test the finished product before buying. A good display does not have a very visible base, is quiet when turning and allows for a good view of the product. If a display has a cheap cover that causes glare or a background that does not show your product to best advantage, keep looking.