Guides & Articles on Email Marketing

Creating a Customer Database

Stay organized and increase efficiency with a customer database

Building a database can seem like a daunting task if computer data entry isn’t your forte, but an up-to-date customer database can save your company time and money and most importantly, help you attract repeat business. Small businesses have many options for creating a customer database. You can custom build your own in a basic spreadsheet such as Excel – a good...

Email Marketing 101

How to get started *right* in email marketing

If you're just getting started in email marketing, there are all kinds of technical issues you'll need to know about getting HTML email newsletters properly designed and coded. Then there are spam laws you need to follow, spam filters to work around, and blacklists you'll need to avoid. Oh yeah, then there's the actual content you'll need to write!

Email Marketing without Spamming

Basics to conducting a permission email campaign

The popularity of email marketing as an effective online tool for businesses, organizations, associations and other groups to directly communicate with mass numbers of people continues to grow. One popular question we answer frequently is “how do I email my customers without spamming them?”“Permission email marketing” describes the practice of regularly...

Email White List

Discover why your company needs to be on an email white list

If companies send email invoices, newsletters, and customer correspondence, an email white list is very important. An email white list directory is a list of email addresses from which one wishes to receive messages. Because many companies now give consumers the option of going paperless, it is very important that customers receive email notice of bills and other business properly...

Finding Email Marketing Lists

Your email marketing efforts are only as good as the names on your list

Getting the best results from your email marketing campaign depends on having the best names on your email marketing lists. Emailing to the wrong people can anger potential customers and violate tough anti-spam laws. To stay out of trouble: Send email only to "opt-in" subscribers, that is, recipients who choose to be on your list Give recipients the option to...

List Cleaning Services Education and Training

Learn effective techniques and applications of an email list cleaning service

Having organized, clean email lists are important for individuals as well as professionals and businesses. Benefits of email cleaning actions and programs are long withstanding and many options are effective in email list cleaning. Untidy email accounts take up time, money and resources which otherwise may not need to be spent. It is vital to businesses that they learn to create a...

Tuning Up Your Email Marketing Message

How to identify and optimize the high profile elements of your email message

You've set up your email marketing software (or service). You have your subscribers ready. Now you're finally ready to tune up the part of your email marketing that will inspire action and build relationships. The important front line to your entire direct electronic marketing plan: the email message.This is a very critical point in your email efforts. The same...

Using Opt-In Email Marketing

Use opt-in email marketing to ensure the best leads for your business

Opt-in email marketing is a great way to reach future customers who want to do business with you. Using opt-in email marketing means that you can bypass other types of targeted lists which may contain the email addresses of people who aren't interested in your product. Creating and using opt-in email lists for your business involves establishing a process to collect the email...