Sales Trade Show Information

Meet new customers at a sales trade show

Sales trade shows are great places to meet new clients and collect leads to build a stronger client base. A sales trade show guide can help to put your name in front of potential new business as well as provide an opportunity for you to give customers deals. With enough sales trade show information you can offer show specials and other time-sensitive incentives to help build your business.

Use sales trade show services to make a memorable experience for attendees. Hand out imprinted sales tradeshow promotional items and company brochures. Work with a sales tradeshow expert or build your own exciting booth with interactive games or activities to draw guests to your booth. Utilize sales trade show services in a number of ways to get your company recognized at the sales tradeshow.

1. Get noticed at the important sales tradeshows

2. Take advantage of a sales trade show directory

3. Register early for the sales trade show guide

Stand out at sales trade shows

By getting a sales trade show exhibit booth at a niche trade show that is not necessarily only for your industry, you can stand out with your products and services that can be used by a number of businesses. Among your peers, you need to utilize creativity and imagination to stand out in the crowd of exhibits. Look for interactive sales tradeshow activities such as wheel games or putting greens and hand out unique promotional items at the big shows.

Use sales trade show advice

In addition to putting a booth at an industry tradeshow, you can purchase additional advertising in the sales trade show directory to get additional traction out of the event. Nonprofit associations and groups that put on sales tradeshows also look for sponsorships to pay the convention bills. Consider taking a sponsorship spot in the show to ride even higher above the fray.

Check for all sales trade show information

Sales tradeshows are organized at least a year in advance, often longer. By becoming involved in an association tradeshow committee or registering early for a convention, you often can get your choice of where you set up your sales trade show booth. Getting settled near an entrance or beside a speaker platform can add an extra boost to your exhibit attendance.

  • Make sure that your company name and contact information is imprinted on everything you hand out at your sales trade show booth. Guests often go through their bags after a show to remind them of important contacts they've made.