Sample Cover Letters Basics

Sample cover letters provide a strong foundation for career success

In today's competitive job market, a professional cover letter for a resume can make or break your future career success. Most job candidates will be chosen or rejected for an interview based solely on the quality of their resume and cover letter. Before spending hours laboring over your cover letter, check out the myriad of cover letter templates available.

Cover letter examples are excellent resources for today's savvy job candidates. While there are many different types of sample cover letter websites available showcasing thousands of sample resumes and cover letters, it is important to follow some basic rules for cover letters. Before you customize a cover letter example, keep in mind these sample cover letters basics:

1. Look for attractive, easy to read samples of quality cover letters with designs that invite reader interest.

2. Select an effective sample resume and cover letter that accurately reflects your industry and job market.

3. Customize cover letter templates with action verbs and powerful sentences that highlight your skills, talents and abilities.

Choose a visually appealing and professional resume cover letter

Your cover letter should reflect your personal style -- whether traditional and elegant or contemporary and edgy -- and match the style of your resume. Sample cover letter services providers offer an assortment of attractive sample cover letter designs and formats to simplify your cover letter preparation. Be sure to use quality paper and an easy to read font; and for professional results, print your cover letter using a laser printer.

Select a cover letter example that is appropriate to your career and industry

A great advantage to utilizing the services of sample cover letter providers is access to industry-specific samples of quality cover letters. For best results, look for cover letters that best reflect your industry and career. Industry focused cover letter examples will include helpful phrases, descriptions and terms relevant to your career field.

Tailor a sample of a quality cover letter to showcase your talents, skills and abilities

While the design of a cover letter is important, content is the key to getting an interview. When writing your cover letter, use action verbs and specific, descriptive nouns. Describe your career accomplishments -- not just your job responsibilities -- and use numbers to define success whenever possible.
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  • Sample cover letters usually fall into two categories: letter of application or letter of inquiry. A letter of application is written in response to an advertised or specific job opening. A letter of inquiry is written to express interest in prospective or future job openings at a business to let the company human resources personnel know you are interested in working for their company.