School Grading and Attendance Software

Track your students' road to success with school grading and attendance software

Get a school grading and attendance software system for your classroom, the school or your entire district. Grading and attendance software allows schools to network student information and provide up-to-date records and communication among parents, students, teachers and other school staff. Schools can streamline record keeping and information is instantly updated and backed up at a centralized database either hosted or networked at the school or district level.

School grading and attendance software offers the option to enter grades and attendance and can include features for monitoring student performance or classroom management. Software for grading helps teachers create reports and calculate grades. School grading and attendance applications keep parents in the loop, offering a view of grades, assignments, attendance and conduct reports. Plus some software offers bilingual support. Look for automatic monitoring options to set up email alerts.

When you are investing in grading and attendance software that helps in your classroom or school, consider these features and options:

1. Get connected with web-based school grading and attendance tools and access your classroom records from any computer with an Internet connection.

2. Use school grading and classroom attendance software applications to establish a network system to connect classrooms to the school or the district.

3. Hire a school grading and attendance system provider with training and support services.

Connect to your classroom with web-based attendance and school grading software tools

Access records from any computer with an Internet connection and your login information. Start today with hosted web services and you can connect without any other onsite technology.

Use grading and school attendance software applications for your network system

Look for professional level grading and attendance systems. For high-tech grading and attendance solutions, work with your IT technician to network your school for streamlined workflow or integrate your school with the district. Some school administration software packages offer human resource options as well.

Use a grading and classroom attendance software systems provider with training and support services

Connect your school to the district and the community with grading and attendance systems backed by provider services. If you plan to install a new program for your entire school, get your teachers training. Look for technical support services with flat fee packages for call center support or ask for a technician to set-up your programs.
  • Verify that your new attendance and school grading software programs are compatible with your operating systems and school hardware.
  • Check your license agreement to make sure you have a sufficient number of licensed seats for each terminal and classroom.