Security and Alarm Systems for Small Business

Secure your business and safeguard your livelihood

No matter what size your operation, you have assets to protect. An alarm system can defend you against fire, theft and vandalism. Security systems come dedicated to one form of protection, like fire, or multiple ones including intrusion and safety. The systems can be basic, creating noisy sirens and whistles to deter intrusion, or more sophisticated, with multi-zoned components monitored via computer.

Keep in mind these three factors:

  1. A monitored system helps deter burglars and ensure employee safety.
  2. Guarding against internal employee theft is as important as safeguarding your premises against outside intruders.
  3. Customer information needs safeguarding, too.

Request a security assessment for your business

Most security firms conduct risk assessments to determine what your alarm-system challenges are and how to address them.

Have your information ready

When shopping for an alarm system, vendors will want to know what type of establishment you are, whether you require a new or updated system, the number of entrances to your premises, and whether you are looking for a fire or security alarm system.

Wireless has its advantages

What good is an alarm system if it relies on telephone notification that can be easily severed? Wireless systems provide a work-around for this possibility.

Find a security solution tailored to your type of business

Different businesses have varying security needs. While some feel most threatened by the prospect of fire, others need to monitor critical equipment such as air-conditioning units or freezers. Others might be most concerned about intrusion and the privacy of their data.
  • Make sure you have full access to your business' security codes if you own your equipment.
  • Get references from each quote provider. Talk to current clients about their experiences with the security company.
  • Don't set up your alarm to call 911. This violates the law and can result in large fines.
  • Insurance companies often require alarm systems but provide discounts for compliance.

Find Pre-Screened Vendors

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