Slide Projectors Key Terms

Review these key terms of slide projectors prior to buying a model

Slide projectors use small photographic slides in order to display larger images on a projection screen or blank wall space. Slide projectors are made up of different components that allow for this image transference.

You will find numerous types of slide projectors, including carousel, dual, single and cube versions. These distinctions are usually made by determining the type of slide holder used by the projector. To make a better buying decision, you should review the key terms of slide projectors.

Carousel slide projectors

Carousel slide projectors are one of the mode popular versions of the electronic device. They use circular holder trays that house anywhere from 20 to 140 different slides. It uses a light bulb to project the images onto the screen or wall.

Captured images

Captured images are the type of images that you can transfer onto slides in order to display using slide projectors. Photographs and other image sources can be scanned and displayed on slides.
Pacific Lutheran University has a listing of captured images that you can use with a slide projector.


Although LCD projectors are slowly replacing standard slide projectors, you can still find versions available that use 35mm traditional slide film. 35mm projectors use slides instead of digital imaging technology to display images. has a particular web article that focuses on different projectors, including 35mm slide projectors.


The type of focus available for a slide projector will often be mentioned within buying materials. Auto focus means that the projector will automatically focus the slides while remote focus allows the user to manually focus the projector while standing away from the device.
United Visual has a definition of both auto and remote focus on the slide projectors section of their website.

Slide show

A slide show is the combination of slides that are displayed through the slide projector. A slide projector will allow you to access different options in order to arrange the order and playback of your slide show.
Read the information guide on the Capital University website about the Kodak Slide Projector to learn about slide shows.

Slide projector lens

A slide projector lens will allow the user to control the height of the displayed image. Most standard projectors obtain a 100-150mm projector lens. You will use the projector knobs to increase or decrease the displayed image. has a buying guide on slide projectors with information on the lens.

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