Small Business Loans Basics

Understand small business loans basics to get the funding you need

Knowing the small business loans basics will give you the information you need to start or expand your business. Most business owners use small business loans, but it's important to note that you will have to pay this money back through the money that your company earns.

Small business loan rates determine the amount of money that you will pay back over time. You should try to get the lowest rate possible in order to get the most bang for your buck.

When you apply for small business financing, lenders will look at:

1. Your credit score. Lenders base the rate of your small business loan on your company's credit score. If this is a new company, they will look at your score.

2. Your business plan. It's best if your business is already running and you have income coming in. However, if you need small business start up loans, then your business plan will show lenders how you plan to repay the loan.

3. Whether you plan to use your own money. When applying for business loans, it looks better if you are also using some of your own money to start the business.

Get small business startup loans through the SBA loan program

One of the biggest problems that new business owners face is finding a bank to loan them the money they need without having a proven track record. The Small Business Administration helps encourage small businesses by backing the loans that banks give to owners, making the loan less risky.
Small Business Administration website. Then apply for a loan through your bank. Most banks offer SBA loans, though some lenders, such as Chase, are preferred lenders, which means that can process your application faster.

Get a small business loan through your local bank

If your business already has a proven track record, then banks are more likely to loan you money through their commercial lending programs. Talk to your bank about getting the money that you need.

Use a line of credit for small business financing

Some banks will issue a line of credit for your company. This is the maximum amount that a bank will lend you, but you do not have to take all of the money at one time. This is ideal for owners that don't necessarily need money right away, but want to feel more comfortable knowing that it is available if they need it.

Look for alternatives when you need an unsecured business loan

Most banks look for some type of collateral when giving loans to business owners. If you don't have anything of worth, it can be difficult to get a loan. Check out the alternatives.
  • However you choose to get small business financing, it's best to repay your loan as soon as you are able. The faster you are able to pay it off, the less money you pay in the long run.

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