Special Events Insurance Pricing and Costs

Protect your event with cost effective special events insurance coverage

Special events insurance is policies taken out to protect the insured against liability for fairs, festivals, shows, weddings, performances and large meetings. Event liability insurance protects your business against lawsuits in the case of medical injuries, fire and other occurrences that take place during the special event.

Special events insurance pricing and costs will involve receiving quotes from different carriers. Besides event insurance quotes, you will want to look at the capitation amounts provided by prospective carriers.

1. Find carriers of event liability insurance. This is a specialty type of policy and will not be available through every insurance company.

2. Determine event insurance cost. Contact carriers in order to receive a quote on the cost of special event liability insurance.

3. Look at any additional charges that will factor into event insurance cost. For example, if you want to extend protection to vendors at an event, you will have to pay more for the event insurance.

Determine how event insurance quotes are reached

Premiums are determined by insurance companies by looking at the size of the event and the expected number of attendants. Other considerations will be looked at as well, including whether liquor will be served and if physical activities are involved. Liquor liability insurance generally runs around $700 to $1,000 per event.

Receive events insurance prices online

The easiest way to determine costs is to receive online quotes from special event liability insurance providers. You will pay less for general liability policies while liquor liability and automobile liability are more costly.

Factor in price fluctuations in event liability insurance

The type of event insurance coverage that you take out will affect the quote your company receives from an insurance company. For example, if a vendor cancels your event, you can receive reimbursement if you included this type of coverage into your policy.

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