Stacking Chairs

Use stackable chairs to create flexible work environments and increase space

Stacking chairs offer practical solutions to businesses needing to free up "real estate" in the office. Commonly used in restaurants, hotels, churches and waiting rooms, stacking chairs are also great choices for businesses that may want to use a room for a variety of functions such as temporary office space, meetings or seminars.  Especially for organizations that host events on a regular basis, stackable chairs provide a durable and cost effective alternative to renting chairs.

A variety of options and materials exist for stacking chairs and the dollar investment can range widely depending on the needs of a business. Inside this guide, you'll find:
  1. Tips on choosing the best stacking chair for comfort, eye appeal and durability.
  2. Information on how to choose stacking chairs that will meet ergonomic needs.
  3. Advice on keeping costs down and choosing reputable vendors.

Consider the best stacking chair material for your business

Stackable office chairs are made from a variety of materials from durable plastic to more decorative styles such as wood and wicker. Stackable office chairs can also be fitted with a variety of fabrics or padded materials such as leather or vinyl, adding comfort and eye appeal. Stacking chairs may or may not include arm supports.

Weigh the need for stacking chairs with ergonomic support

Stacking chairs come in various ergonomic designs, but styles and options will be more limited if you decide to go this route. Weigh the need for ergonomic chairs by determining how often the stackable chairs are used and the length of time people will need to sit in them.
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Choose a reputable stacking chair vendor

Stackable office chairs can be purchased via a number of methods including wholesale from the manufacturer, in volume discounts through third-party buyers and pre-owned.
  • Choose durable steel-framed or plastic stacking chairs for heavy and frequent use.
  • Consider whether your employees or guests would benefit from ergonomic stacking chair options.
  • Companies looking for low-cost options can consider buying pre-owned stacking chairs.

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