Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Key Terms

Learn key terms for stair climbing hand trucks and accessories to ensure job safety

Using a stair climbing hand truck requires having knowledge of the equipment, so it is essential to learn the key terms used by professionals to describe stair climbing hand trucks and accessories. Stair climbing hand trucks are made of a variety of materials including aluminum, magnesium and steel, and can either be battery powered or electric to lift large loads up and down stairs and uneven areas. Once you have learned these key terms, you can put this knowledge to use on the job.

Dock leveler

A dock leveler is an accessory that is used with a stair climbing hand truck that acts as a bridge between a loading ramp and a truck or a trailer. Using a dock leveler prevents workers from hurting themselves when they transport heavy items onto hand trucks.

Curb ramps and dock plates

Curb ramps and dock plates are stair climbing hand truck accessories that are used to transport loads safely over curbs and steps. Though stair climbing hand trucks can usually lift heavy loads over curbs and steps without these accessories, they are still valuable items to have on hand for lifting jobs.

Safety straps

Safety straps are placed around items, such as filing cabinets and large boxes, to hold them in place when they are being lifted by a stair climbing hand truck.

Load support

A load support is an attachment for a stair climbing hand truck that folds down to provide additional support for heavy loads.

Nose plate

A nose plate folds down to hold objects that are being transported from one place to another. Nose plates slide under items for easy mounting onto a hand truck.

Stair glide

Stair glides are stair climbing hand truck accessories that make transporting items up and down stairs easier. Stair glides fit onto the back of hand trucks to prevent them from damaging stairs when moving heavy items.

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