Starting a Computer Repair Business

Bootstrap your way into the fast-growing computer services and computer repair business

Everybody's got one, even your grandma. And they all break down from time to time, usually from lack of basic maintenance. Cars? Nope, computers. And unlike 2,000 lb. hunks of Detroit and Tokyo steel, the get-in cost of a computer repair business can be pretty low.

If you've ever installed your own operating system, defragged a drive or popped extra memory into your own desktop, you could be a couple of night classes away from rewarding career in computer repair or computer services. It takes only some basic mechanical chops, the right tools and a willingness to learn new things to start a computer repair business.

In this guide, you'll learn:

1. How to learn computer repair yourself
2. What kinds of jobs lead to computer repair know-how
3. Why to consider computer repair service certifications
4. Possible franchises for computer repair services

Learn computer repair: the self-taught method

One great way to figure out if you have the patience for computer repair is to build one from parts. Downside: It'll cost you a bit and take up your evenings for a few months. Upside: If you figure it out, you get a computer for cheap and a real sense of how they work.

Learn the computer repair business on Geek Squad's dime

A short-sleeved white shirt and Volkswagen Beetle might not be your look, but a year or two on the job at a computer repair company like Geek Squad might be your ticket to doing your own thing later.

Get certified in the computer repair business and computer services

There tons of schools, online and at local colleges, offering certificate degrees in computer repair and computer services, a sign of the demand for the computer repair business. Whichever you choose, you will likely be best off taking a certification test to prove your abilities as a computer repair business owner.

Consider starting up with a computer repair business franchise

If you think you know the basics of the actual machinery but feel slightly dizzy at the thought of starting any kind of business, take heart. There are franchise opportunities -- turnkey computer repair business plans in predefined markets.
starting a small business, business plans and getting started as a consultant.

  • Fixing a machine and running a business, even a computer repair business, are two utterly different skills. If you find balancing a checkbook boring, seriously consider a partner with small business skills to chase customers and track money.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, dump a ton of cash into online or "career school" training. Most techs either have legit college degrees in computer repair or, if self-taught in computer services, come up through corporate or consulting experience before starting their own computer repair business.
  • Be ready to spend a lot more time seeking clients than actually doing computer repair work, at least for a couple of years, until referrals begin to kick in.

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