Starting a Security Services Business - Education and Training

Make you security service business a reality with the right training

If you want to open security small business opportunities, the right training is a must. Starting a security services business requires learning about the licensing that is correct for your state. Each state has its own licensing requirements for those who want to open patrol business opportunities. Beyond this, you will need to learn about the security services industry and how to run a small business.

The first step in starting a security services business education and training plan should involve getting your certification. Your state may have specific requirements for the amount of time you must spend in classroom training and even which schools you must train in. Once you have your certification, however, if you want to launch patrol small business opportunities you may want additional training to make clients feel comfortable with your expertise. Consider the following:
  1. Understand the licensing requirements for your state before you start your own security business.
  2. Take the training classes that will be required for many of your employees.
  3. Become part of industry associations to take part in continuing education programs and conferences.

Learn the certification requirements in your area for starting your own patrol business

Each state has its own licensing requirements for security services personnel and for security services. As a business owner, you will need not only a security license, but also whatever business licensing is required in your state. This may require you to take classes, pass background checks and satisfy other requirements.

Look for training courses for security personnel to open security service businesses

The employees of your business will need to take training courses to qualify for employment, but you also will want to take classes yourself, especially if you do not have extensive law enforcement and security experience. Security training courses will teach you the basics and may be needed for certification in your state. Security training will usually include some form of surveillance or investigative training, self-defense training and firearms training.

Join a professional organization to establish credibility before you open security service solutions

Membership in a professional organization for open security business shows that you are a credible business to potential clients and gives you a venue for advertising, since many professional organizations have directories and other marketing opportunities. Professional organizations also give you access to conferences, meetings and other options for continuing education and networking.

  • If you want to start your own security business, consider taking a local class about starting your own business. This class will likely be at your community college and will cover the basics of starting any business - not just a security solution - but will be useful in negotiating the mechanics of advertising, securing a business loan, hiring employees and generally conducting your business.

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