State Employees Credit Unions in Texas

Find a TX state employees' credit union for your banking needs

A Texas state employee credit union can be a wise choice for your banking needs. A state of Texas employees’ credit union provides some of the lowest loan rates around with competitive interest rates and flexible terms, which make them perfect for auto and home loans or lines of credit. Texas state employees can also take advantage of the credit unions’ checking and savings options, investment opportunities or low rate credit cards.

Choosing to bank at a Texas state employees’ credit union is tricky. In order to join one of these credit unions, you need to be a TX state employee or a family member of a TX state employee. Check to see if you qualify for a state credit union or try an employees’ federal credit union in TX.

Consider the following when looking for a credit union for state of Texas employees:

1. Talk to current members of a Texas state employees’ credit union to learn the details of the credit union.

2. Check for state employees' credit unions in Texas with online services.

3. Locate a local state employees’ credit union in TX with various branches.

Locate a specific state employees' credit union in Texas by name

One of the best forms of advertising is word of mouth. Listen to others when you're looking to join a state employees' credit union of Texas. You can then research each credit union to see if you qualify and decide if any of them meet your needs.

Find a Texas state employees' credit union to join

If you meet or a family member meets the eligibility requirements, join a Texas state employee credit union to save money and meet all your financial needs.

Select a state of Texas employees' credit union that caters to teachers

Many TX state employee credit unions are open to teachers and other employees in the school system. See if you meet the requirements to take advantage of all the added benefits you receive by becoming a member of a credit union geared especially towards those in the field of education.
  • Once you qualify for membership in a state of Texas employees' credit union, you remain a member even if your circumstances change.
  • Many state employees' credit unions in Texas offer shared branching, which means you can use another city or state's credit union as if it was your local state employees credit union.

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