Supplies for Door Hanger Printing Services

Create your own door hanger advertising to save money and control the content

One way to decrease the already low cost of door hanger marketing is to print your own door hangers. You need to plan a method of delivery, even if you utilize your company staff to distribute your door hangers directly to your target audience.

Design elements for custom door hangers include:

1. The header: use this to grab attention with big, bold type that a person can read as he approaches the door;

2. The body: this part of the door hanger advertisement communicates your message and tells your audience why they need your product or service;

3. And the footer: use this to identify your contact information and the action you want your reader to take.

Use blank, printable door hangers to print your own door hangers

Blank, printable door hangers have pre-cut or pre-perforated holes to place them easily on a door knob. Be sure to choose a blank door hanger that is made of sturdy card stock. Plan your design with bright colors and bold lettering on the front to catch your audience's attention.

Get software for door hanger printing

You can create a door hanger using software you already own, but you might want to consider trying a different program if you need help with design. Software that includes templates gives you access to designs made by professional graphic artists.

Put your literature in door hanger bags

Door hanger bags are clear bags designed to hang marketing literature on a door knob. Benefits of using these over printed door hangers include the ability to include more literature or a longer brochure with more information, and the fact that they are waterproof. A disadvantage is that your potential audience might never open the bag.

  • Whether you print door hangers with or without a perforation, you can include a coupon offering your potential customer a discount to entice them to become a customer.
  • When considering the cost of supplies for door hanger printing services, compare the cost of buying paper and using your printer's ink to getting door hangers printed by an online digital printing service, many of which offer free design services and low prices.

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