Surveying and Mapping Equipment Education and Training

Surveying and mapping equipment education and training is available from various resources

GPS surveying and GPS mapping equipment are replacing traditional surveying and mapping methods due to advances in technology, as well as more economical and accurate GPS devices. In addition to traditional surveying applications, one can find GPS surveying and mapping equipment used in construction, photogrammetry, public safety, public works and remote sensing practices.

Methods of learning about traditional and GPS surveying, mapping applications and equipment include:

1. Completing surveying coursework and obtaining proper licensing

2. Training provided by GPS mapping equipment manufacturers or consultants

3. Earning a GPS certification

4. Reading GPS-related publications such as newsletters and magazines

Obtain the necessary licensing to enable you to use GPS surveying equipment professionally

Construction projects ranging from residential and commercial construction to public works projects involving road construction and improvements require that a licensed surveyor survey the site. Having the proper credentials is essential for those trained in utilizing GPS surveying and mapping equipment to secure work.
Ohio State University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a minor in Surveying and Mapping in their curriculum, while the Oregon Institute of Technology offers students a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics with a Surveying Option. Obtain licensing information for your state from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

Receive surveying and mapping equipment education and training from product manufacturers

Training provided by manufacturers of GPS survey equipment is an effective way to learn how to operate the features of your GPS mapping equipment properly. When you compare surveying equipment, be sure to inquire as to what support and training resources are available once you purchase the product.
Trimble offers a variety of training formats, such as training at a Trimble center, onsite training at your facility lead by a certified trainer or online. System Dividends provides both classroom and onsite training in the use of GPS surveying and mapping equipment and tailors the training to suit the client’s needs (basic or advanced training) and equipment.

Earn a GPS Certificate through accredited surveying and mapping equipment training programs

Trade schools, colleges and universities, in response to the increasing use of GPS as a component of land surveying tools, have introduced GPS courses into their curriculum. In addition to providing instruction on GPS principles, they also provide instruction on GPS applications in various sectors such as surveying, construction, public safety and public works.
Pennsylvania State University offers a Geodesy and GPS certificate and the University of California Riverside’s branch of continuing education offers a GPS Technology Certificate upon completion of required courses.

Remain up to date on GPS surveying equipment technology by reading GPS-related publications

The quality of surveying and mapping equipment, as with other technological devices, improves constantly. Reading publications pertaining to GPS, GPS surveying equipment, and GPS mapping equipment is one way to remain current on technological advances and product reviews.
Professional Surveyor Magazine and Geospatial Solutions publish magazines and newsletters outlining technological advances, case studies and advertisements pertaining to surveying and mapping supplies.
  • Trade shows provide excellent opportunities to see product demonstrations of the latest GPS surveying equipment, aerial mapping equipment, topography equipment and water survey equipment. If you are interested in a particular piece of equipment, before making the purchase, ask the vendor if they will provide you a trial period in which you can use the product and determine if in fact it meets your needs. In addition, trade shows allow one to network with vendors some of which offer special prices on their surveyor supplies during the event.