Table Paging

Table paging systems provide fast and easy service in restaurants

Table paging devices help manage a restaurant's waiting list. In the past, customers waited in massive lines for a table, the host of the restaurant would shout the name on the reservation and run around looking for the person they called. Table paging systems have changed the entire process. Now, customers receive table paging buzzers or table paging vibrators that alert the patron when their table is ready. Many restaurants with waitstaff are buying table paging systems to speed up the seating process.

Paging a restaurant table is only one ways to use table paging devices. Guest pagers are small, handheld devices that beep or vibrate when the patron's table is ready. Waiter pagers are placed on the table to alert the waitstaff when the customer needs something. Wall-mounted pagers display a number to alert the customer or the waitstaff; how the unit is used is completely up to you. Select the type of restaurant table paging solution that works for your business.

1. Use guest table pagers to alert customers when their table is ready.

2. Allow customers to use a table paging system to contact waitstaff.

3. Alert customers or waitstaff with a wall-mounted table paging system.

Page restaurant tables for a customer

Improve the efficiency of your restaurant's seating process with a table paging system. It makes the process easier for the hostess and reassures the customer that they won't miss their name being called. The small, handheld devices buzz or vibrate when activated by the hostess, letting the patron know their table or food is ready. Guest pagers are available not only in round or square shapes, but also in lobster, pizza and other food shapes.

Purchase a paging table system to help waiters serve tables more efficiently

The waiter call system for a table is very common within many restaurants. With these pagers the control board assigns tables to a specific pager. A call button for the pager system sits on each table and customers push the button to contact the waiter when they need something.

Contact customers and waitstaff with wall-mounted table paging systems

These table paging systems have a controller and a wall-mounted unit that used for both customers and waitstaff. The wall-mounted units are generally numeric and display the number typed in the controller. These table pagers are less expensive than other pager systems. A customer or waiter is assigned a number and when the number is displayed the table is ready or the waiter is needed for something.
  • Not all table paging systems are meant for every occasion and business, so plan accordingly.

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