Table Skirting

Table skirting lets you add some flair to corporate events

If you're hosting an event or heading to a trade show, getting more table skirting information may not be the most pressing item on your mind. However, table skirts are one of those simple, practical and affordable accessories that make events go more smoothly. They can add some storage space and also some class to your table, no matter where you are.

Although table skirts are mainly used as decorative items, they are also very practical accessories. If you have a standard (and rather unattractive) banquet table, a skirt can hide it's flaws, giving your setup an elegant look. If you are at a show and need a place to hide some product samples or other items, a skirt can provide a partition that lets you use the entire area under a table as storage space. If you want to find table skirting, consider:

1. Contacting a table skirting provider for standard banquet table skirts that add storage space and style to your event.

2. Buying table skirting from a manufacturer or custom shop to get the exact color and style you need.

3. Renting skirts to save money as well as the effort of storage and cleaning.

Contact a table skirting retailer to buy skirts for standard banquet tables

Most banquet tables at shows, meetings and other events are a standard size, so if your needs are quite standard, most table skirt retailers can help you at a reasonable cost. If you will be attending trade shows and similar events regularly, buying skirting can save you rental costs. Most standard table skirts come with clips and are designed to cover three sides of a banquet table, which leaves room under the table for storage space.

Buy from a custom fabrication shop or manufacturer for custom table skirting

Of course, your needs may not be standard. If your banquet tables are an usual height or if you have specific requirements in terms of cut, color, and style, you may need to speak to someone who can create just the right table skirts for you. Customization is always more expensive, but is often well worth it if the final effect gives your business that professional look.

Rent your table skirting if you don't plan on using banquet tables often

If your business only needs table skirts once in a while, it is often more economical and less time-consuming to rent. Rental companies will often deliver your table skirts right where you need them and some will even set up the skirts for you. You will not have to worry about keeping track of the fabric, cleaning, pressing or mending it for future use.
  • There are two things to keep in mind when browsing a table skirting directory or catalog: clips and tabletops. When looking at a table skirting list or catalog, ensure that you will be getting clips with your order. Velcro clips are what attach the table skirt to the table. Buy extra clips for your peace of mind. Also, keep in mind that while most decorative table skirts cover the table top as well as the sides of a table, not all styles do. Make sure you understand what style you are getting before you buy or rent.

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