Tech Terminology for Business Owners

Don't get stumped by geek speak - get educated on these friendly Web sites

While an assortment of consumer electronics gizmos, hardware devices and software applications have supposedly made life easier, they've also brought with them a whole new language. Here are some tips that will help you keep up:
  1. Learn a few key phrases every week, especially ones that are relevant to your business.
  2. Read technology sections in mainstream magazines and newspapers as they are usually easy to follow.
  3. Talk to IT folks; they work with this stuff everyday and could give you a high-level overview.

Sort Out the Hardware Portion

Although we use things like PCs, cell phones, digital cameras and PDAs, often we have no idea what actually makes them work. Learning the ins and outs can give you an edge.

Play the Name Game

As on the hardware side, the Internet has also given birth to its own language.

Find Pre-Screened Vendors

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