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Make your next client-facing document pop by using a technical writing company

Documentation is tedious, to say the least. Whether it’s your latest proposal, the user guide for a new product, or even just your in-house training manual, it can seem overwhelming when faced with a new writing project. And when your technical writing project is client-facing, it can be even more impossible. A full-time, on-staff technical writer can be quite expensive, particularly when you add hiring costs and benefits into the equation. But while your company may not be ready for its own technical writer, it is more than time for you to consider hiring a technical writing company for your next outgoing document. By using a contract technical writer, you can significantly enhance your document for a fraction of the cost you might expect.

When looking amongst the various technical writing companies in the marketplace today, among the key points to consider are:

1. The length and breadth of your business technical writing project(s).

2. The type of technical report writing you need.

3. The cost of a company versus individuals providing technical writing services.

Find a technical writing service provider who can work when you need them

For some companies, a project requiring technical writing services is a one-off situation that is short and sweet. For others, they may need the assistance of a technical writing company several times a year. Different technical writers offer different rates and availability based upon how long they expect to work with you. Make sure the writer you choose gives you the best deal for what you need.

Know the type of technical communications you need and match with the right writer

"Technical writing" is a very general term applied to a very broad range of topics. Technical report writing requires a completely different skillset than technical manual writing. It's important that you have the right technical writer to delivery you project in the manner you expect and deserve.

Price out a freelance technical writer versus available technical writing companies

Freelance technical writing is a field that is growing each year. Sometimes, these freelance writers are able to give you a better deal than technical writing companies, as they don't have the overhead costs that a full company requires. Freelancers are often former employees of writing companies who have simply decided to branch out on their own.

  • When looking for someone in freelance technical writing, make sure that you're working with a domestic writer. There are many international technical writers who may offer their services, but a native speaker is always preferable in writing.
  • You should always ask a writer for samples of work they've previously written. Understand, however, that a technical writer may have a smaller portfolio than most, as many of their projects are covered by non-disclosure agreements with their clients.

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