Technical Writing for Beginners

Get information on technical writing for beginners

Technical writing is used in every industry, by every business. Although it is called technical writing, it is not limited to highly technical areas like science and technology. Everything from an instruction manual to a resume and cover letter to simple email uses technical writing.

Technical writing should be written from an objective point of view and use only factual information. The information needs to be well organized, laid out in a simple structure and told in logical order. A basic understanding of technical writing for beginners should include the following:

1. Technical writing is unlike other writing in that it is intended for a very specific audience.

2. Technical communications are used for the purpose of clearly describing and expressing something technical or complicated in simpler terms.

3. Technical writing requires some level of knowledge on the subject being written about.

Communicate professionally through business technical writing

Technical writing is used throughout the business world every day. Find technical writing in business memos, faxes, business letters and email. For this very reason, technical writing is a skill that should either be developed by everyone, or contracted out to freelance technical writers.

Hire technical writing services for accurate reports

Reports use technical writing to clearly articulate new found information. Reports by technical writers could be research reports, lab reports, technical background reports, accident reports, evaluation reports, business plans or sales reports.
Colorado State University has an example of a very comprehensive technical report online. Find a free online course on technical report writing at

Look for technical manual writing services for new products

Technical manuals might be written for new products or product revisions for internal use within an industry or company. They are also written for commercial products sold to consumers, everything from new television sets and appliances to toys to cosmetic products.
Visit the websites of technical writing companies to find examples of user manuals like JPC Media, and technical writers' websites like Paul MacMartin.

Further a career with technical writing

Nearly everyone has been a technical writer at some time by writing a resume and cover letter. Since a resume and cover letter are often the only chance at contact with a potential employer, being able to write a great resume and cover letter is a huge asset to any career.
The website of Seton Hill University and St. Norbert College both contain excellent resources for using technical writing for resumes and cover letters.